“Nechama Farkas and her truly Amazing Bubble Show have

 been a part of our Nursery Program for six years. Each show is

 given with patience and experience and is age appropriate.

Nechama ensures that each child has a chance to participate.

The activities change and our knowledge of bubbles increases

each year."

Elky Federman, Director of Bnos Leah Nursery

Prospect Park Yeshiva


“Her shows are very exciting, entertaining and full of fun! The

activities are adapted to the special needs population, thereby

helping our students be actively involved in the show throughout.

We look forward to her return every year!”

Sylvia Herskowitz

OTR, Director of Occupational Therapy, SCHI


“The Amazing Bubble Show really is a fun and interactive

experience...exciting and creative! A perfect summer camp


Camp Peek-a-Boo Deal, NJ