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5 children in a bubble!!

o   What is a bubble show?

 An entertaining, educational and interactive show that teaches children how to produce all kinds of interesting bubbles by themselves!!! The science of bubbles is explained at an age appropriate level. The children will learn all the why’s and how’s about bubbles in a fun-filled way.


o   Who is the show geared to? 

Each show is catered to the ages of the children in attendance. It is recommended for children ages 3-11, however toddlers and adults love it too!


o   Do you travel?

Yes, very often. Mostly within the New Jersey/New York area. However, occasionally to Pennsylvania and further locations, including Niagara Falls as well. Some restrictions may apply.


o   Where do you perform the show?

Indoors. The wind, even warm can interfere with the show. (The wind is good when you are trying to make really large bubbles while playing around in an open area.)

o   How long have you been performing?

Since 2007.


o   Do you have a good “bubble juice” recipe?

Yes, it can be given to you (as well as some bubble activity suggestions) after the show.


o   What is the best weather for maximum bubble fun?

Early morning or just before it rains is perfect. The more hot, humid and damp the weather, the better.




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